The House of Kerr

As a member of the Kerr family, I take great pride in it's history.  As time goes on, I hope to add family tree history to this webpage as well as pictures if I can find any.


Coat of Arms 










Kerr Clan Crest

The Sun in Splendour

Motto: Sero Sed Serio

             (Late, but in earnest)





Kerr Tartan








Ferniehirst Castle  (Home of the Kerrs)

For the location of the castle, click on the picture:

Ferniehirst Castle - affectionately known as "Scotland's Frontier Fortress" - stands in grounds on the high right bank of Jed Water, approximately one and a half miles to the south of Jedburgh.

The Kerr family have owned the site since 1457, when Andrew Kerr obtained Ferniehirst from the Earl of Angus in return from becoming the Earl's vassal.

The original Castle was built in 1470, but suffered damage and destruction during its history of great battles and bloodshed. Hidden behind trees and the lie of the land, Ferniehirst commands the perfect setting from which to hold the gate for Scotland.

Today, Ferniehirst is based on a building from the late 16th Century, with various modifications and extensions. During recent years, the Kerr family have overseen repairs and restoration work, carefully undertaken by local craftsmen using traditional materials.

















Text and pictures of Ferniehirst Castle or courtesy of:

Lothian Estates Office
Scottish Borders